When Is The USS Arizona Memorial Closed?

When Is The USS Arizona Memorial Closed?

Is The USS Arizona Memorial Closed Right Now?

Before May 2018, visitors to Pearl Harbor National Memorial could take a free boat ride to the USS Arizona Memorial, walk up the ramp and explore the inside of the Memorial.

Due to the damage to the USS Arizona Memorial's anchoring system, entrance into the USS Arizona Memorial is closed.

What's changed for Pearl Harbor visitors:

  • The only thing that has changed is that the free boat tour now escorts visitors around the USS Arizona battleship, the USS Arizona Memorial and battleship row and includes a detailed NPS-approved narration by a NPS volunteer, NPS ranger or audio.
  • All other Pearl Harbor tours are fully operational and remain unchanged.
  • Operating hours for Pearl Harbor National Memorial remain unchanged.

Which is better? The old boat tour or current boat tour?

The old boat tour (straight to the Memorial and back) is best for visitors who really want to be inside the USS Arizona Memorial. Usually, it's those visitors who feel a close and emotional tie to the names of those who perished in the Pearl Harbor attack while on the Memorial.

The current boat tour (a tour around the harbor with views of the USS Arizona battleship, USS Arizona Memorial and battleship row) is great for kids, history buffs, 2nd time visitors and battleship fans. However, this is a limited-time tour. Once the anchoring system has been fixed (projected finish date is fall 2019, provided no problems arise), the boat tour will return to its original course.

What can I do to help?

You can support Pearl Harbor National Memorial and Pacific Historic Parks by shopping online or donating.

The USS Arizona Memorial Boat Tour Can Close During Bad Weather

The USS Arizona Memorial free boat tour can close for bad weather (the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center will usually remain open). High winds that will affect the safety of the visitors, NPS staff/volunteers or U.S. Navy personnel on the boat can cause the cancellation of the boat tours for the rest of the day.

Other weather-related situations that can cause the USS Arizona Memorial boat tours to cancel include, but are not limited to: hurricanes, king tides, heavy rains, lightning and thunder.

My USS Arizona Memorial boat tour was cancelled due to bad weather. What should I do?

If your USS Arizona Memorial boat tour was cancelled because of bad weather, you still have several options available to you to explore the rest of Pearl Harbor National Memorial and the Visitor Center.

  • Since the boat tour is a free ticket, we welcome you to revisit the facilities on your next available date. You can either reserve your boat tour ticket online at Recreation.Gov (requires a $1.00 reservations fee) or walk in early and obtain 1 of the 1300 first-come-first-served free boat tickets that are handed out to visitors everyday.
  • The 23-minute detailed documentary can still be viewed at the theatre. Use your boat tour ticket to check in for your designated movie time.
  • Visit the two world-class museums for free: The Road To War Museum and The Attack Museum will give you a fantastic overview of the events leading up to and during the attack.
  • Step onto the USS Arizona Memorial in virtual reality ($4.95). Visit our Virtual Reality Center and experience 3 amazing virtual reality programs - one of which will allow you to explore the inside of the Memorial up close. Book your Virtual Reality Center pass here.
  • Walk along the shoreline to explore The Path Of The Attack. With a clear view of the harbor, read the many information plaques to get an idea of what the attack of Pearl Harbor was like.

The best and most affordable tour at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is the USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour. This official narrated National Park Service tour is self-guided and includes an audio guide, headset, comes in 7 languages and ties in all the facts and history throughout the entirety of the park. You can book your Narrated Tour in advance here.

The USS Arizona Memorial Boat Tour Can Cancel Due To Mechanical Issues

While the boats are maintained regularly, mechanical issues do occur from time to time without notice. In the event that a boat experiences a mechanical issue, the staff at Pearl Harbor National Memorial will notify visitors of any boat scheduling changes.

Similar to weather cancellations, all other tours and activities at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center should still be open and fully operational.

The USS Arizona Memorial Boat Tour Can Cancel Because Of Last-Minute Visitors

Once in a while we'll get a call that a high-ranking government official from the White House (or from another country) will make a stop at Pearl Harbor National Memorial. For security reasons, the park can close suddenly and immediately without warning. All visitors and staff will not be allowed on site premises and must leave immediately.

These occurrences are rare, but they do happen upon occasion. Unfortunately, those with boat tour tickets will have to attempt a revisit at a later date.

USS Arizona Memorial Boat Tour Refunds

Because the USS Arizona Memorial boat tour is free, no refunds are given. Boat tour tickets that are reserved online will also not be refunded the $1.00 charged to their credit card as this is an online reservations fee.

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