Hawaii Goes To War: Life in Hawaii From Pearl Harbor to Peace

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by DeSoto Brown

World War II's disruptions were felt throughout the United States, but nowhere more strongly than in Hawaii. From the shock of the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 through the years of changes and restrictions that ended with peace in 1945, the islands underwent an experience unlike anywhere else in the country.

Residents of all ages toted gas masks, huddled in backyard air raid shelters, and spent nights under curfew in blacked-out homes. The flood of mainland war workers and personnel lived in temporary tent cities and sought fun and companionship on Honolulu's notorious Hotel Street. And everyone had to live with mail censorship and special U.S. currency under a fully entrenched military government.

Here is the enthralling story of Hawaii in World War II - a story many have forgotten, or never knew. Shown through a fascinating text and hundreds of rare and historic photographs are the unique days of the early 1940s when Hawaii went from Pearl Harbor to peace.

Soft cover. 160 pages. Includes black and white archive photographs.

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