The Measure of a Man: My Father, the Marine Corps, and Saipan

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Maj. Roger G. B. Broome, USMCR, died from wounds received on Saipan before his daughter had a chance to know him. Now a well-known naval historian, that daughter, Kathleen Broome Williams, has turned the research skills she honed studying naval technology to find her lost father. She makes full use of an extensive collection of her father's colorful and articulate letters, along with the testimony of surviving Leathernecks who served with Major Broome, backed up by official records. In unfolding Broome's story, she takes significant world events from seventy years ago and places them in an intimate context to show how they affected Americans on and off the battlefield. Her efforts provide an inside look at the Marine Corps during the pivotal years of World War II, including recruit training, amphibious assaults, high casualties, and, not least, the personal feuds and rivalries that shaped it.

Kathleen Broome Williams, a graduate of Wellesley College and Columbia University, holds a PhD from City University of New York. She is the author of Grace Hopper, Secret Weapon and Improbable Warriors, which won a History of Science Society book award. Currently she is a professor of history at Cogswell Polytechnical College in Sunnyvale and lives in Oakland, CA.

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