Dancing in Combat Boots: And Other Stories of American Women in World War II

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by Teresa R. Funke

When the going got tough during World War II, America's women got going. By the millions, housewives and mothers took off their aprons and stepped into factories, offices, hospitals - anywhere capable hands were needed to replace those of the husbands and sons now battling overseas.

The eleven fictional stories in this remarkable collection are based on real women whose experiences were at once typical and extraordinary. Irene bucks rivets in an aircraft factory, while Doris learns to pilot military planes. Marjorie survives the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, while Jean spends three years under guard in a Japanese internment camp. Lucy joins the segregated Women's Army Corps, and Kathryn joins the Red Cross - shipping off to the front lines where she dances in combat boots with American GIs.

From the topsy-turvy days following Pearl Harbor, through four long years of hardship, to the post-war campaigns to put women back in their place, these stories reveal the many facets of women's lives as they gave their all for the war effort.

Softcover. 162 pages.

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