History of the Mission in the Mariana Islands: 1667-1673

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By Fr. Peter Coomans
Translated and edited by Rodrique Levesque

In 1668, a small band of Jesuit priests established a mission in the Mariana Islands with the aim of converting their indigenous Chamorro inhabitants to the Catholic faith. What followed was 30 years of intermittent warfare as Chamorro communities throughout the archipelago fought unsuccessfully to retain their culture and traditions.

History of the Mission in the Mariana Islands was written by Fr. Peter Coomans, a Belgian Jesuit who arrived on Guam in 1672. It documents the first half-decade of mission operations and provides details of some of the important events of a turbulent period of the archipelago's history, as well as several previously unrecorded aspects of traditional Chamorro culture. While modest in size, this volume should be of interest to students of Marianas history.

Soft cover, 82 pages. Approximately 7 inches by 9 inches.

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