Destination: Tokyo - A Pictorial History of Doolittle's Tokyo Raid

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By Stan Cohen

70th Anniversary Edition

"Destination Tokyo is an accurate and excellent pictorial and written description of the first aerial raid in Tokyo. It clearly depicts and presents the story of the raid." — J.H. Doolittle

From the preface: Decades ago 80 men volunteered for a top-secret, strategically and tactically important, and extremely hazardous undertaking. This was the first air raid on the islands of Japan on 18 April 1942.

Much has been written of that day when 80 brave Americans launched 16 B-25 aircraft from the carrier USS Hornet, but this is the first attempt to assemble in one publication a superb collection of photographs of this historic event.

This pictorial history explores the entire gamut of that event — from the Japanese aggressions in the early 1940s to present photographs of survivors. Many of these pictures have never been published before and were procured from government and private archives, as well as from the raiders themselves.

The men who participated in this mission were typical of those many dedicated Americans who have risked and sacrificed their lives for the freedoms of this great nation since its founding in 1776. Without volunteers such as the Doolittle Raiders this nation would long ago have disappeared in the annals of history.

Soft cover. 152 pages. Approximately 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Printed in Canada

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