Hawaii's War Years: 1941-1945

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By Gwenfread Allen

The classic history of Hawaii's struggle to survive.

"I'm happy to have it back on my shelf! The effects of World War II are still felt significantly today. To learn about it, Hawaii's War Years is, and will remain, the definitive account of this crucial period of Hawaiian history. And not only is this book packed with information you won't find elsewhere, it's easy and enjoyable to read as well." — DeSoto Brown, author of Hawaii Goes to War

"All students of wartime Hawaii should start here. Drawing on unique primary sources, Hawaii's War Years conveys with a compelling sense of immediacy how an ethnically diverse society on a besieged insular outpost experienced an epic struggle for Asia and the Pacific." — John J. Stephan, author of Hawaii Under the Rising Sun

Soft cover. 452 pages. Approximately 6 inches by 9 inches. Printed in the USA.

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