A Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Flowers

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Text by Leland Miyano. Photography by Douglas Peebles.

Over 110 photographs. Includes flowering trees and vines, native and introduced species.

Enjoy a floral journey of the Islands, savoring Hawaii's brilliant tropical tapestry of colorful flowers and exotic tropicals. Noted Island photographer Douglas Peebles offers the best of his floral photography ranging from native species to introduced varieties — from flowers adorning home gardens to those found only in remote, inaccessible places.

Botanist Leland Miyano describes the origin, use, and diversity of each flower. Through the combined effort of Peebles' photography and Miyano's words, the wonder of Hawaii's foliage and flora splashes alive.

About the author: Leland Miyano, a landscape designer and botanist, has traveled widely in pursuit of rare and unusual tropical plants. In addition to maintaining a large, private botanical collection, he has worked on parks, botanical gardens, preservation projects, and estates in Brazil and the United States. He remains active in rain forest preservation.

About the photographer: Douglas Peebles has been capturing Hawaii's beauty ever since he arrived in the Islands in 1974. A world traveler who has published in 45 countries, Peebles' many published works include: Hawaii is a Garden and his signature series of coffee table books: Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and The Island of Hawaii.

Soft cover. 80 pages. 5 inches by 7 inches.

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