The Rising Sun in the Pacific, 1931-April 1943

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Over the next three years, the Naval Institute Press will publish Samuel Eliot Morison's monumental History of United States Naval Operations in World War II in updated paperback editions with new introductions by noted military historians. Morison, and eminent Harvard professor, was appointed by his close friend, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to write the history of U.S. naval operations after convincing the president that too many wartime histories were written after the fact or from a distance. Morison called his classic work a "shooting history" of World War II, because it was documented by historical observation during each specific naval operation in the Atlantic and Pacific. Critically hailed for its accuracy, narrative pace, and detail, the series presents a complete record of the U.S. Navy's war at sea.

The third volume examines the incidents that began the Pacific war and Japan's internal conflict, drawing on data secured in Japan. It then presents a detailed account of Pearl Harbor and discusses the Philippines, Wake Island, the Malay Barrier, and carrier strikes, among other subjects.

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