The Oral History Workshop

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All it takes is one question to jump-start a project that so many of us want to do, but never get around to: sitting down with a loved one and asking for the story of his or her life. It's time to open the door to memories and discover the joy of creating an oral history

A step-by-step guide that's both practical and inspirational, The Oral History Workshop takes what too often feels like an overwhelming project and breaks it down into a series of easily managed tasks: how to prepare for an interview, put your subject at ease, and encourage openness and candor. How to keep an interview on track-and when to follow a fascinating digression. Video vs. audio, with recording tips and preservation strategies for each. And how to weave the whole into a finished keepsake and build a family archive. Included are hundreds of thought-provoking questions guaranteed to get your subjects reminiscing.

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