The Imperial Cruise

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By James Bradley

Following the success of his two bestselling books about World War II, James Bradley began to wonder what the real catalyst was for the Pacific war. What he discovered will forever change the way you think about American history and the origins of war and empire in Asia.

In 1905 President Teddy Roosevelt dispatched Secretary of War William Taft, his own daughter Alice, and a team of congressmen on a mission to Japan, the Philippines, China, and Korea with the intent of forging an agreement to divide up Asia. This clandestine and wholly unconstitutional pact lit the fuse that would — decades later — result in a number of devastating wars: World War II, the Korean War, and the Communist revolution in China.

In 2005 James Bradley traveled in the wake of Roosevelt’s cruise and came face-to-face with the remarkable truth about America’s imperial ambitions, a story that has been effectively erased from our history textbooks.

Soft cover. 387 pages. Includes photographs. Book measures approximately 5/12 inches by 8 inches.

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