Voices of Pearl Harbor

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By Sherry Garland. Paintings by Layne Johnson.

Have you heard the stories of December 7, 1941?

Do you know where your grandparents were, where your great-grandparents were? On that day, Japan's surprise attack devasted the American Naval Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and forced the Americans into World War II. These moving accounts of the lives affected by the assault capture the scope of the day's emotions and its influence on generations.

Author Sherry Garland's thorough research provides a background to sixteen historical and representational characters that come alive on the pages of this book. Beginning with a native islander in 1940, voices set the scene on the island of Oahu and continue with a pilot's mother in the nation of Nippon. Through compelling narratives and haunting imagery, readers follow along on that fateful day as a Japanese aviator wears the belt his mother stitched for luck, an American soldier tries to arm himself during the attack, a ship's cook takes charge of a powerful gun to defend his country, a small boy watches the USS Arizona go down in flames, and, years later, a young girl and her grandfather seek healing at the USS Arizona Memorial. The heart-wrenching events play out against powerful illustrations that bring the people — and the story — to life.

Hard cover. 40 pages. Ages 8 and up. Approximately 11 inches by 9.75 inches.

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