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Across the Blue Pacific

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When the United States enters World War II, Molly is attending Beechwood Elementary. But her thoughts are with Ted Walker, who is serving aboard a cruiser in the South Atlantic. Molly grew up next door to Ted. He taught her how to shine her Sunday-best shoes, he knows when she's grown "half a fathom," and he makes the best snowmen on Orchard Road.

Three years later, the war is still going on and Molly is in the fourth grade. Ted is still at sea, but he has been given a new assignment-as a naval officer of the USS Albacore, a submarine in the Pacific Ocean. Orchard Road feels like the safest place on earth, but somewhere on the other side of the world, Ted and his crew are carrying out dangerous missions. No one knows when-or if-they will come home, and young Molly must find a way to live with the cruel reality of war.

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