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House of the Red Fish

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By Graham Salisbury

Tomi's fisherman father and grandfather were arrested after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, leaving 13-year-old Tomi the man of the house in Hawaii. Now it's a year later, 1943, and people in the darkened paradise live in fear — waiting for another attack while still trying to recover from the first one. Tomi and his family find new enemies everywhere, vigilantes who suspect all Japanese Americans. These enemies include Keet Wilson, the son of the family Tomi's mother works for as a maid.

Tomi finds hope in his goal of raising Papa's fishing boat, sunk in the canal by the army on the day of the attack. To Tomi, saving Papa's boat is a sign of faith that Papa and Grandpa will return. Even with the help of his friends, it seems like an impossible task, but Tomi is determined. Just as Keet Wilson is determined to stop him.

Softcover. 291 pages. Printed in the USA. Approximately 5.25 inches by 8 inches.

Recommended for grades 6-9.

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