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By O. A. Bushnell

Molokai — one of the beautiful Hawaiian islands, but in the late nineteenth centruy, a name synonymous with the desolate leper colony. Kalaupapa, accessible only from the sea, was "The Given Grave," where victims of the dread disease were sent to die, exiled in a desperate attempt to halt the spread of this horror newly come to the islands. For the stricken there was no return, no treatment, no cure but the blessed release of death, no hope — until the coming of Father Damien, who fought to bring a measure of human dignity to the suffering.

The story of the exiles in Molokai will tell you about Dr. Newman, the scientist who burned with ambition to cure the sick, but did not love them; Keanu, convicted murderer who had loved too well, and who, in a desperate gamble for life, offered himself for a dangerous and terrible medical experiment; Malie, who was afraid to love in the glittering court of King Kalakaua but found the courage to open her heart in the face of death; Caleb, who scoffed at love until the boy Eleu took h im by the hand; and the priest who prayed to be made one with the lepers he served.

This book is a work of fiction.

Soft cover. 539 pages. 5.5 inches by 8 inches.

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