St. Damien Matted Print 8x10

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Revered as a martyr, Saint Damien served the victims of Hansen's Disease (formerly known as leprosy) on Molokai. Banished to a remote windswept peninsula, separated from the rest of the island by a treacherous high sea cliff, the patients relied on him for spiritual and physical care. An excellent carpenter, he built serveral churches on Molokai before dying of the disease in 1889.

Three years in the making, this portrait of Saint Damien by Linda Kanani Johnston depicts him at his beloved Kalaupapa in the prime of his life and work with the sufferers of Hansen's disease.

For generations, all prints were hand-pulled by the artist. This print, signed by the artist with her mark, was made and digitally printed by the artist on acid-free paper.

Print fits into a standard 8 inch by 10 inch frame.

Printed in Molokai, Hawaii, USA.

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