St. Marianne at Bishop Home - Matted Print, 8x10

St. Marianne at Bishop Home - Matted Print, 8x10

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In 1883, Mother Marianne and a small group of Franciscan sisters arrived on Oahu, Hawaii to care for the victims of Hansen's Disease (formerly known as leprosy). When many patients had been exiled from Oahu to Kalaupapa, a remote peninsula on the island of Molokai, she followed and established the Bishop Home for women. Mother Marianne cared for Father Damien after he became ill with Hansen's Disease. After his death in 1889, she handled the administration of the Boys Home at Kalawao, which had been founded by Father Damien. After over 30 years of dedicated service, she died at her beloved Kalaupapa in 1918 at the age of 80. Neither she or any of her sisters ever contracted the disease.

For generations, all prints were hand-pulled by the artist. This print, signed by the artist with her mark, was made and digitally printed by the artist on acid-free paper.

Print fits into a standard 8 inch by 10 inch frame.

Printed in Molokai, Hawaii, USA.