Buddies: Men. Dogs. And World War II.

Buddies: Men. Dogs. And World War II.

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As one poignant wartime photo caption noted, "Millions of American men are overseas fighting the enemy, but if any proof were needed that they're still pretty much the same kind of fellow that left home, this photo adds a convincing touch. Dogs and boys go together - and no matter where they are, when they can, boys take their pets along." The juxtaposition of World War II, men, and their dogs reveals the bond that melded the innocence of frightened young men with the hardened-necessity of a soldier.

Author and historian L. Douglas Keeney sifted through more than 2.5 million photographs at the National Archives to discover some of the greatest mascot photography taken between 1941 and 1945.

Soft cover. 156 pages.

Published by the National Park Service and Pacific Historic Parks.