Bisita Guam: Let Us Remember (Nihi Ta Hasso)

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Although the people of Guam have been affected either directly or indirectly by many wars, the occupation of Guam by enemy forces in World War II is the war by which periods in modern-day Guam are divided into three parts by our elders: antes de i guerra, durate i guerra, and despues de i guerra — before the war, during the war, and after the war. And, the war of note is World War II.

Virtually 99% of the population of Guam (about 22,000) during the occupation (1941-44) were native Chamorros. Given the dramatic changes in the demographics of the island over the past five decades, never again could the Chamorros be judged and measured as a people like they were during the occupation. The Chamorro spirit was not an abstraction; rather, it was demonstrably real during those years. How our people bonded under adversity, how they shared their shelter and precious food; and how they steadfastly remained loyal to God and Country, is a truly remarkable and inspiring story.

Soft cover. 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches. 237 pages.

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