Driving Tour of Historic Saipan - Rolled Map

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A unique and educational tool for those who travel to Saipan as well as those interested in the War in the Pacific. Using research from renowned War in the Pacific historian and cartographer William Stewart, this two-sided full color map includes Saipan World War II historic sites Garapan, Marpi Point National Historic Landmark, Aslito/Isley Field, and various landing beaches.

Front side includes driving tour of modern day Saipan with photos and historical information on World War II artifacts still evident. Side two details the brutal June 1944 Battle for Saipan through archive photos, historical synopsis, and topographical depiction of Japanese defense positions as well as American troop movements.

Map measures 22 in x 28 in.

*2010 (Association of Partners for Public Lands) APPL Visitor Guide Award.

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