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Memorial Day is usually a somber holiday that often involves quiet reflection. It's a day to remember and honor those who have died while answering the call of duty. But it doesn't always have to be so serious. Sometimes, it's important to honor our armed forces with a unique gift or two that complements their service to our country.

At Pearl Harbor National Memorial, we have several gift ideas that are perfect for Memorial Day. Plus, since these items are shipped from Hawaii, these gifts become that much more special.

Read: Gifts For Armed Forces Day From Pearl Harbor National Memorial

1. Flags Flown At Pearl Harbor National Memorial

An American flag raised on the property of Pearl Harbor National Memorial is one of the most unique gifts you can find for Memorial Day. There's a world of value, history and American pride embedded in that flag and you'll find it hard to find something better.

With only 1,000 flags being flown on December 7, each flag is significant to its recipient. Plus, you can also choose your own future date to have your flag flown at Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

Flown flags from Pearl Harbor make fantastic gifts for Memorial Day, whether its a happy or serious occasion.


Shop: Flags Flown At Pearl Harbor National Memorial


2. Shadowboxes for Flags

Display that gorgeous American flag in one of our neat shadowboxes! They feature a USS Arizona Memorial etching that adds a little extra flair to the presentation. If you want to go even grander than that, check out our koa wood shadowboxes. Koa wood is native to the islands and is highly prized for their beauty.

Shop: Shadowboxes and Flags


3. American Tribute Brand

Memorial Day is all about remembering and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice, so what better way to accomplish that by supporting a company that gives back to the Veteran community?

American Tribute Brand is a 100% Veteran-owned company and they're all about supporting Veteran initiatives. It's a great Memorial Day gift for someone who would rather have a donation made in their name!


Shop: American Tribute Brand


4. Harley-Davidson And Pearl Harbor Collaboration Shirts

Harley-Davidson fans can rejoice on Memorial Day. There's a solid history between Harley-Davidson and World War II and we were lucky enough to have the chance to begin a Harley-Davidson and Pearl Harbor collaboration.

We have a bunch of Harley-Davidson gifts that would be perfect for Memorial Day. They're fun, different and memorable - which is exactly what you're looking for in any Harley-Davidson product.


These are exclusive and limited, so get them while you can!

Shop: Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor Collaboration


5. Spread Peace With Sadako Sasaki

The story of peace can't get any more heartfelt than the story of Sadako Sasaki - a young Japanese girl who was diagnosed with leukemia (the A-bomb disease) in Hiroshima, Japan.

Her original goal was to fold 1,000 paper cranes to live, but by the end her wish had morphed into world peace. She left this world with this quote:

"I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world."

As a Memorial Day gift, anything from our Sadako Sasaki line will be a poignant and beautiful gift because her cranes do fly themselves all over the world. It reminds us to remember that those in the service aren't the only ones who lose their lives when times are hard.


Shop: Sadako Sasaki Collection


6. Pearl Harbor Survivor Memorabilia

If you've had the chance to meet any survivor, it's both a heavy and sometimes emotional experience. There aren't many these days, and yet it's important to get to know them so that the next generation can make better choices for their future.

We have several books written by Pearl Harbor survivors and some of them can only be purchased at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial bookstore or at our online shop.

Some of our items are even signed by Pearl Harbor survivors, too! Definitely check out our Pearl Harbor Survivor Collection is you're looking for a Memorial Day gift for a heavy reader.


Shop: Pearl Harbor Survivors Collection


7. Pearl Harbor Aloha Shirts

Aloha shirts can be found almost anywhere in Hawaii, but what makes our Pearl Harbor aloha shirts particularly special is that they feature actual planes and ships from World War II.

Another neat fact is that all of our products go through an approval process with our Chief Historian - so you can be assured that these ships and planes are authentic!


It's a great gift for someone on Memorial Day who also loves anything Hawaii!

Shop: Exclusive Aloha Shirts


8. Commemorative Coins


Memorial Day tends to lean towards the more serious, so if you're looking for an appropriate gift for the situation, a commemorative coin might be just what you're looking for.

Some of our commemorative coins are even special collectibles. Keep a look out for our 24 Karat gold commemorative coins that come with a certificate of authenticity in a jewelry box.


Shop: Commemorative Coins


9. USS Arizona Memorial Gifts

Of course, one of the best Pearl Harbor National Memorial gifts you could ever get is anything with the USS Arizona or USS Arizona Memorial on it - and we have plenty! From artwork by local artists to medallions and tokens, the USS Arizona adorns many of our items and makes each gift special.


Shop: USS Arizona Collection


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To the Backroom Guys and Gals

I had the flag flown over the Arizona on 2 September (the official VJ day) in memory of all the men and women who worked tirelessly to analyze, break and exploit the cypher machines of both Japan and Germany. Granted, they were not being shot at, but work on these machines was frustratingly difficult and at that time thankless-any breakthrough could not be revealed. Even when the machines were solved it was no easy task to find the proper settings and actually decode the enciphered data.

Family Treasure

My Great Uncle was Band master PO 1st Class Frederick Kinney. The entire experience was emotionally moving bringing up sadness and gratitude. My mother told us stories about the day, and how the whole family in eastern Kentucky huddled around the radio for news. It was afirm memory for her, since her uncle was killed on her birthday. When my wife found we could purchase a flag and have it flown over the memorial, we jumped at the opportunity. We are building a shadow box for the flag, the certificate, photo of Kinney, and miniatures of the medals PO 1st Class Kinney was awarded. If I could rate this with ten stars,bi would

Excellent Product. Excellent service. I donated this flag to The Star Transportation Dept in Terrell Texas. They are located across the street from where I work. They recently installed a new flag pole and I just felt compelled to give them a gift.


Amazing all the way around.

Perfect customer service too!

Thank you!

Simply beautiful !

Simply beautiful ! Makes me proud to have this Flag flown on the Arizona and be the owner of history.