A Special American Flag For A Special Occasion

October 21, 2021 2 min read

A Special American Flag For A Special Occasion

Show Your Love for Your Country with a Flag for Retirement


Nothing speaks Americana like flying the flag proudly outside of your home. Now, you can access a premium collection of flags with Pacific Historic Parks. Perfect for displaying your own national pride or for gifting to a cherished loved one, we feature a range of collections that inspire you and those around you. Whether you want to fly a US flag for Veteran’s Day, you wish to expand your flag collection with a flag that was flown in one of our parks, or you want to elevate your collection that showcase your love for our country, we have everything you need and more.



The Perfect Choice for Veteran’s Day Flag Retirement


At Pacific Historic Parks, we offer a unique experience to our customers. Our process is simple. Choose your flag, then select the date on which you would like your flag to be flown on the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. Once flown, we ship your flag to you with a Certificate of Flag Presentation that is signed by officials at the memorial. Display your flag in your collection with pride, and fly your flag on Veteran’s Day to show your support for our past and present service members.



The Symbolism Behind Veteran’s Day Flag Retirement


Flying your flag is a symbol of your national pride, but when the flag becomes worn, soiled, damaged, or tattered, it serves no respect to our veterans or our country. Flag retirement is the process of respectfully remembering and honoring those who have served by retiring your flag in an appropriate manner, such as cremation. This dignified process allows you to show your support to our veterans and acts as a tribute to those who have fallen in service. Cremation of the flag has long been the preferred method of retirement, and often, ceremonies are held in which the public can take part in the process. At Pacific Historic Parks, we offer a range of flags for purchase to replace your flag for retirement.



Shop for a U.S. Flag for Veterans’ Day, Apparel, and Other Exclusive Items


Whether you want to fly your flag on Veterans’ Day or find the perfect gift for a loved one who has served their country, Pacific Historic Parks has an extensive selection of items that cater to your preferences. Complement your flag for retirement with a flag display case that represents your love for your country, or shop for a range of apparel, jewelry, and other accessories that exude national pride. Our flags are available in a range of sizes and styles, and you can also choose your date to fly the flag above the Pearl Harbor National Memorial (USS Arizona). We also offer a range of commemorative items, such as coins and tokens, for the avid collector.



Find Your Flag Today


Showcase your love for the nation with a flag from Pacific Historic Parks. Choose your flag style and date of presentation, or for more information on our services, call today at (808) 954-8763.

Pacific Historic Parks
Pacific Historic Parks

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Great shirt and fast shipping!


Everything was perfect. My husband is a Veteran and enjoyed this gift very much. Thank you.

Enjoyed the book I always like reading real history.
One of the cups was completely destroyed, sent you an email when received got no reply, not happy on this
Got no geek patch or black tears.
What I did get intact (book & 1 cup) proved to be quite expensive…………

Loved it so much we bought it twice

My parents brought this shirt back as a souvenir for my 4 year old daughter. She wore it constantly until the day she discovered scissors 😭. She cut it up and was so proud of herself until I freaked out, then we both cried… I would usually take this opportunity to teach a lesson about scissors and say “sorry, you’re SOL.” But this gift was so loved and I felt she learned her lesson when she realized she had ruined it rather than improving it.

Great quality sticker

I bought it to put with my photo book and keepsakes from my trip to visit this incredible memorial.