Scouting Squadron Six

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by Jack Leaming

Once upon a time, not too many years ago, a warship, an aircraft carrier, plied the waters of the Pacific Ocean searching for an enemy that was known, but whose whereabouts were not. Intrigue and a certain mystery accompanied her activities; she would strike an unsuspecting blow at a remote Japanese strategic target and then disappear in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

An eminent columnist of that era, Walter Winchell, gave her the sobriquet "The Galloping Ghost of the Oahu Coast," after her speedy, unbelievable overnight refueling and re-provisioning at Ford Island during the night of 8 December 1941. The moniker was, and is, forever hers. She continues to gallop through the annals of naval history and the minds of the men who served aboard her.

The performance, dedication, and devotion to ship and country by her crew in competition and under fire are unexcelled. The men of the "Big E" embodied the best of what it meant to be a US Servicemen: valor, courage, and sacrifice. The USS Enterprise was the most decorated carrier of World War II, reflecting the caliber and devotion of the men who comprised her crew.

This second installment of our Personal History Series brings to life the story of one of her crew members, radio-gunner Jack Leaming. After being shot down near Marcus Island, Mr. Leaming and his pilot spent the rest of the war as POWs in Japan. Relive his story of perseverance and courage under brutal conditions.

Soft cover. 112 pages. Includes black and white photos.

Published by the National Park Service and Pacific Historic Parks.

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