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Hello Kitty Hibiscus Diamond Head Recycle Tote Bag

Hello Kitty recycle tote bag with Diamond Head and hibiscus flowers. Hello Kitty peeks over Diamond Head with the words "Diamond Head State Monument", "Leahi" (Diamond Head in Hawaiian), and "Hello Kitty". The sides, side seams, loop hanger, and bag straps are orange. The sides say "Diamond Head State Monument" and the bottom says "Hawaii". Includes an extra plastic bottom piece for support.

Measures 12.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 13 inches.

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Eileen Dranetz
Hello Kitty Hibiscus Diamond Head Recycle Tote Bag

Hello Kitty Hibiscus Diamond Head Recycle Tote Bag is very decorative. I love to bring it shopping.

Carol Pamandanan
Cute and sturdy tote!

Such an adorable design. A great Diamond Head and Hello Kitty souvenir!

Mari Rueter
Useful bag

I'm so glad that this bag became available! I collected all the other Hawaii reusable bags from the ABC stores, so I knew I had to add this one to my collection!

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USS Arizona flown flag... on 9/11!

I am glad to have the flag and will be surprising one of my best friends (over 40 years, we are both retired USN-R chiefs) with it soon. To keep this "short", my friend has had some medical issues this past year and consequently he and his wife have recently moved in with their daughter and her family. His son-in-law asked me to help create a "career memory wall" for their office in the new house. Since my friend and I both served in Subase Det 220 for over 12 years, an Arizona flown flag was a no-brainer. Picking 9/11 to have it flown was just as easy. Thanks for that option.

Thanks for what you do, thanks for helping this come to fruition, and God Bless America.

R/Terry Filson ETCS/SS, USN-R Ret

Thank you!

I re-enlisted onboard during a sunset ceremony in 1997 and could not obtain a flag for displaying at the time. I contacted your team and you helped me get one after all these years. Thank you so much.

Pearl Harbor Ornament !



The Sailor's Salute 80th Remembrance Hat is one of the best representations Honoring the United States Navy Men Who Bravely Served
during the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941. 'Lest we Forget' those who gave their lives, and those who were forever
maimed by what occurred that horrific Sunday morning. We must also SALUTE not only these men, but those, whom like my father, who spent 48-plus
hours pulling the dead, dying and burning bodies out of the flaming waters of Pearl Harbor. These men have been forever affected by the tapping they heard
coming from the hulls of the destroyed and damaged ships. They did not have the heavy equipment to break through the Hulls to rescue them. It wasn't
until until Christmas Day night when they finally broke through the last ship where the tapping had been heard only to find the last man had died Christmas Eve.
Markings, one per day since the Day of the Attack had been scratched in the chamber walls where the men were found.

This is why this HAT, with this particular emblem, is important in the Memory of the Men of the United States Navy who valiantly gave their all in Defense of the United States and to World Freedom. Those who survived, they did not acquiesce, they fought back with intense resolve. The Japanese officially signed the Instrument of Surrender aboard the U.S.S. Missouri 2 December 1945 before representatives of 9 allied Nations.

This Hat should forever be the Official one worn every December by all of the United States Naval Forces. Its representation is powerful!

It's quality is laudatory, well thought out and constructed. The individual who created its Emblem deserves to be rewarded for its design.

Captain Donna de Wildt

Too cute not to buy!

On the Small Side

The color and printing on this shirt are fantastic, as is the fabric. The fit, however, is not. My wife normally wears an XL/XXL, but went up to a XXXL as she wanted to be able to use it as a work out shirt and loves these to be loose and long. This one fits more like a small XXL, and is really short. So much so that she is now going to order a mens in hopes of a better fit.

Home of the Free Because of the Brave

My dad served in the United States Navy during WWII and I love Hawaii so it is only fitting that I share these two loves by getting this flag that was flown over Pearl Harbor for the 80th anniversary commemoration of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I am a huge Elvis fan and know that he held a concert which raised $68,000 in early 1960s to get the ball rolling for this memorial to be built. He too was a great patriot.

Amazing artwork

I purchased the print entitled Tree of Life for a friend who has a great interest I. World war 2 history. When I gave him this beautiful work oh art it brought this tough on the outside man to tears. The price is unbelievable for this quality of work.


This makes anyone proud to be an AMERICAN!

Completely satisfied.