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Black Tears 5x7

Black Tears 5: 5 inches by 7 inches

The survivors of the USS Arizona called the oil bubbling up from the sunken ship the Black Tears. This photo is one up close. Handcrafted in USA.

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Amazing artwork

I purchased the print entitled Tree of Life for a friend who has a great interest I. World war 2 history. When I gave him this beautiful work oh art it brought this tough on the outside man to tears. The price is unbelievable for this quality of work.

Eileen Stratton
Awesome Black Tears #5 Photo

I just Love This Black Tears #5 Photo with all of the Great Colors in it it really is something to see and I can`t wait till My order is complete. thank you oh so much. Yours Truly Eileen Stratton

Franklin Everett Burton
Black Tears #5 Awesome.

Just as Black Tears #12 This #5 is Great Super Color. when You see one You will want more for sure I Promise You. aS THEY ARE THAT AWESOME. !!!!!

''Bob Taylor ''
Black Tears...so appropriate.

Oil drops rising from the fuel tanks of the sunken Arizona are called this. The term originated in 1942, coined by Pearl Harbor stationed sailors. Today, 79 years after the Day of Infamy, the tears still rise. Anyone who has visited the Arizona Memorial has seen and no doubt photographed them. These print are beautiful images of such a sad thing, yet also give the viewer a sense of hope as we connect with history. The photographer who originated this item is deserving our support and praise. Absolutely beautiful, poignant, and inspirational.