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Beneath Pearl Harbor

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A hardcover coffee table-style book featuring underwater views of the USS Arizona, an American icon, by Brett T. Seymour and Naomi S. Blinick

"Brett Seymour's images and this book take us on an intimate journey to the hidden world of USS Arizona to honor the great battleship and those who served on her. These images capture the cataclysmic moment in our history that began the Pacific War, but most importantly they preserve the memory of Arizona before time and tide reclaim her to the sea. This book will power the memory of this mighty ship for generations, as time claims the valiant men who called her home." — David Doubilet, photographer, National Geographic magazine

Hard cover. 168 pages. Approximately 9.5 inches by 12.5 inches.

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Under PearlHarbor

Under Pearl Harbor is a must have book for those interested in the story of the Arizona. Filled with beautiful color pics and stories, a book well worth having in one’s collection

Incredible photos give unexpected insights into Arizona; past as well as present

Have looked at this book many times, it amazes and never gets old. Bought this book back around the time of the 75th anniversary. It's a companion to the PBS documentary Into the Arizona. The underwater camera caught video and there is a striking image in the book of this as well, of a Naval officer's uniform hanging on a hanger in his room, where it's been for the last now 78+years. The officer survived the attack. It's an incredible connection from the day of the attack to the present. There is much more in the book, which you should buy if interested in the USS Arizona. Handled and delivered with the usual great service from Pacific Historic Parks. Highly recommend.

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