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The Attack on Pearl Harbor: An Interactive History Adventure

By Allison Lassieur

Three story paths. Fifty-one choices. Nineteen endings.

It is 1941. As war spreads across the globe, the United States tries to stay out of it. But on December 7, an attack on Pearl Harbor delivers the war right to America's doorstep. Will you:

  • Join the Japanese attack force? OR…
  • Serve as a U.S. sailor in Pearl Harbor? OR…
  • Care for wounded sailors as a nurse on shore?

Everything in this book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what side you're on and what to do next. The choices you make could lead you to survival or death.

Soft cover. 112 pages. For ages 8-12. Printed and bound in the USA.

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Everything was perfect. My husband is a Veteran and enjoyed this gift very much. Thank you.

Enjoyed the book I always like reading real history.
One of the cups was completely destroyed, sent you an email when received got no reply, not happy on this
Got no geek patch or black tears.
What I did get intact (book & 1 cup) proved to be quite expensive…………

Loved it so much we bought it twice

My parents brought this shirt back as a souvenir for my 4 year old daughter. She wore it constantly until the day she discovered scissors 😭. She cut it up and was so proud of herself until I freaked out, then we both cried… I would usually take this opportunity to teach a lesson about scissors and say “sorry, you’re SOL.” But this gift was so loved and I felt she learned her lesson when she realized she had ruined it rather than improving it.

Great quality sticker

I bought it to put with my photo book and keepsakes from my trip to visit this incredible memorial.

Great coin

Just a beautiful tribute to those who served at Pearl Harbor on that fateful December 7th.