Renewal at the Place of Black Tears Soft Cover

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by Jerry Kaufman

Renewal at the Place of Black Tears explores Hawaii's most visited public attraction in a whole new way.

The "black tears" are the oil droplets surfacing from the sunken USS Arizona. Renewal is the story inspired by three unifying strands from the Memorial weaved together: (1) the Tree of Life, a universal symbol of renewal, designed into the steel and concrete structure of the Memorial, (2) the words and deeds of Zenji Abe, former Japanese dive-bomber pilot and Richard Fiske, former Marine bugler on the USS West Virginia, former enemy combatants at Pearl Harbor who became friends in the later years of their lives at the Memorial, and (3) a striking iconic "oil on water" Tree of Life image photographed at the Memorial by the author.

Softcover. 32 pages. Book measures 12" long and 9.2" high.

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