Eyes of the Emperor

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By Graham Salisbury, award-winning author of Under the Blood-Red Sun

Eddie Okubo lies about his age and joins the United States Army in Honolulu in 1941. Soon after he enlists, the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, and suddenly his fellow Americans see him as the enemy. Even the army doubts his loyalty — and the loyalty of all American soldiers of Japanese ancestry.

Then the army sends Eddy and 24 other Japanese American soldiers to a remote island on a secret mission. They are given a terrifying job and told that only they can do it. On the island, the meanings of duty, patriotism, loyalty, and courage are tested in a bizarre world. And Eddy is tried in unbelievable ways...

Soft cover. 229 pages. Printed in the USA. Approximately 5.5 inches by 8.25 inches.

Recommended for grade 8 and up.

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