The 5 BEST Harley-Davidson + Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Gifts

The 5 BEST Harley-Davidson + Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Gifts

Harley-Davidson fans are unique. They are one-of-a-kind. Just like those Harley-Davidson bikes that catch your eye no matter where you are in the world. People stop to look as someone VROOMS by because of one big reason.

They look good.

Which is why I want to introduce you to our Harley-Davidson and Pearl Harbor collection. It's a fantastic line of unique Harley-Davidson shirts, designs, souvenirs and gifts that you can only get from our shop at Pearl Harbor (or on our online shop!)

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Check out our list below and if you like what you see, consider buying a Harley-Davidson gift for someone. Your purchase from our store helps us keep the memory of this historical site for future generations. Mahalo!


1.  The Bike That Won The War

Harley-Davidson shirt for Pearl Harbor. The bike that won the war shirt

Ever watch that Pearl Harbor movie with Ben Affleck? Remember that scene where he's rushing around on a motorcycle trying to save the day? You guessed it - that's the WLA-45 Harley-Davidson. It's a super cool Harley-Davidson shirt that comes in a nice navy green.

2. Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor Mug

Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor Mug

Everyone needs a mug. But it's really hard to find a great one because you can find them everywhere. Practically every souvenir shop sells a mug so finding that perfect mug can be a chore. But if you're a Harley-Davidson fan, this Pearl Harbor and Harley-Davidson mug is unique for sure!

3. Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor Heroes Shirt

Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor Heroes Shirt

Harley-Davidson shirt colors may be their signature orange and black, but this blue Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor heroes shirt will get you looks! The design is unique and you won't find another like it.

4. 1941 Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor Cap

1941 Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor Cap

If you're more of a low-key type of person, maybe the 1941 Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor will be a good fit. Why 1941? It's the year of the Pearl Harbor attack (Dec. 7, 1941) and the words "Honolulu, Hawaii" on the bill doesn't hurt the uniqueness of this cap either!

5. Harley-Davidson Remember Pearl Harbor Shirt

Harley-Davidson Remember Pearl Harbor Shirt

One of my favorites is our Harley-Davidson Remember Pearl Harbor shirt. I absolutely adore this shirt! It's such a unique design that's timeless and a strong nod to the brave men and women during and after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Complete with the USS Arizona and the USS Arizona Memorial, this is a shirt that will really knock your socks off.


Harley-Davidson Pearl Harbor Collection

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    Do you. Have any t-shirts with pockets or poker chips online

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Great product! Love all the hello kitty things you sell!

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love your stuff, gets here quick and awesome truibute

Great Gift

My wife loved the flag. Had it flown on our anniversary..Her dad was career military and the flag means a lot to both of us.
The 2x3 flag is perfect for framing with the certificate included.

For my husband, retired Air Force

The only thing he wanted for Christmas was a flag flown at a place of honor. I am so glad you make this possible for citizens of this great country.