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The Perfect Gift For A Veteran's Or Soldier's Mother's Day

April 25, 2019 5 min read

The Perfect Gift For A Veteran's Or Soldier's Mother's Day

Shopping for Mother's Day can be difficult, but what happens when your precious Mother is a veteran? Roses, cakes and handmade gifts are great and all, but sometimes, you really want to make a veteran's gift really special. She's put her life on the line to protect her country and family and nothing less than perfect is acceptable.

Plus, being a Mom at the same time is no easy feat!

Here at Pacific Historic Parks, we have the honor of working with several historical parks that have made their mark on history's map. The most famous on our list is the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, where everyday hundreds of veterans, soldiers and civilians learn about December 7, 1941.

All of the gifts on this list will make a fantastic Mother's Day gift for that special veteran (or soldier!) in your life. Plus, they'll all be shipped from warm and sunny Hawaii!

Happy Mother's Day to all veterans and soldiers out there! We honor your bravery and are grateful for what you do everyday.


1. Jewelry From Pearl Harbor

You may be thinking "why would I give war-related jewelry as a gift?" But what we do here at Pearl Harbor is so much more than studying the attack on Pearl Harbor. A huge part of our focus is on remembrance and peace. In order to spread peace, we practice and teach it to our visitors young and old.

We teach children about reconciliation by connecting them with students from Japan. Older visitors come out of our theatre with a regretful tear or two shed for the lives lost. But everyone comes out of Pearl Harbor a better version of themselves.

Here are a few of our special pieces of jewelry that carry the meaning of peace and reconciliation with them.

The Tree of Life is a symbol stemming from many cultures worldwide. It's a symbol of the interconnectedness of all life. Those who have visited Pearl Harbor know that they can find the Tree of Life on the USS Arizona Memorial itself. Add a couple of pearls and you've got a Mother's Day gift that carries a depth of meaning recognized all over the world.

Shop our Tree of Life collection.

Sadako Sasaki and her 1,000 cranes is also another treasured story here at Pearl Harbor. The true story comes all the way from Japan where upon learning she was diagnosed with leukemia due to radiation exposure from the A-bomb, Sadako began to fold 1,000 paper cranes so that she could be granted one wish: world peace and reconciliation.

Her wish has indeed come true as we receive hundreds of folded paper cranes each year from students in Japan and pass them out to Pearl Harbor visitors. Each one unique with a message of peace and hope handwritten on it.

"I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world."
-Sadako Sasaki, age 12.

Her wish has certainly come true, don't you think? When a veteran or soldier wears one of our Sadako Sasaki pieces, they'll be fulfilling her wish and spreading her words of peace and amazing spirit wherever they go.

Shop our Sadako Sasaki Collection.

Our USS Arizona Memorial jewelry line is also very unique and can't be found anywhere else. It holds special meaning especially to those veterans or soldiers who are connected to Pearl Harbor and the men still buried beneath its depths.

Alfred Preis was the architect of the USS Arizona Memorial and was even detained in an internment camp here in Honolulu, Hawaii due to his Austrian heritage. With such a heavy experience of life in Hawaii during the World War II era, it seems fitting that Preis' vision of the USS Arizona Memorial can now be shared worldwide.

Shop our USS Arizona Memorial charm.


2. Raise A Flag At Pearl Harbor National Memorial

If you're thinking about a flown flag, you're in luck. One of our most popular items for veterans and soldiers are our flown flags. Even for Mother's Day! Only a 1,000 were raised this past December 7 and we're running out fast. The flags come with a signed certificate, too!

The neat thing about our flown flags is that you can also CHOOSE YOUR DATE! If you'd like your American flag to be flown on a particular date, just let us know when you place your order. It's a really great custom gift for just about anybody. Birthdays, retirements and even celebrations of life are popular requests.

Also, don't miss our shadowboxes and wooden certificate frames, too! They are absolutely gorgeous to display and any Mother would be proud to have a flag flown at Pearl Harbor.

Shop our Flown Flags Collection.


3. Cross Pendants Blessed In Hawaii

Many people don't know that one of our parks is the Kalaupapa National Historical Park in Molokai, Hawaii. The story of Father Damien (now Saint Damien) and Saint Marianne is very near and dear to the hearts of the patients who still call Kalaupapa home.

To the patients in Kalaupapa, the true story of Father Damien and Saint Marianne is one of immense sacrifice. To dedicate your life to caring for those forcibly removed from their families is not something that everyone can do. But they did it - and so does anyone who can be called a soldier, veteran and/or mother!

Each of our crosses have been blessed by a Catholic priest at the church in Kalaupapa National Historical Park and carries with it a beautiful story of unfailing dedication and sacrifice.

Shop our Blessed in Hawaii Collection.


4. Christmas From Hawaii

There's nothing that will warm your heart more than an early Christmas gift from Hawaii. For those who love to collect heartfelt trinkets for their tree, our Christmas ornaments are one-of-a-kind and range from peaceful to fun (Rosie the Riveter ornaments!).

Whichever ornament you choose, you can be sure it will be a special one. Every year we come out with several exclusive pieces so adding to your tree can be fun and meaningful.

Shop our Christmas in Hawaii Collection.


5. Commemorative Coins For Your Veteran's Mother's Day

And finally, our #1 veteran's Mother's Day gift are our exclusive commemorative coins. This particular one comes with a certificate of authenticity and is the 77th annual Pearl Harbor coin set featuring the USS Arizona Battleship.

We have a huge line of commemorative coins - each one a collector's item and limited. Besides featuring the USS Arizona, USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri and other famous battleships, a few of our coins also commemorate different branches of the military and other important dates in human history.

Shop our Commemorative Coins Collection.


What Do You Think?

These are our best veteran's (and soldier's) Mother's Day gifts that we think you'll love. Plus, not only will your purchase be a beautiful and thoughtful gift, but it will also go towards helping us keep our mission alive: to ensure that our historical parks can remain operating and teach the next generation of peace, reconciliation and self-sacrifice that can be found in every one of us.

To shop everything go to our online shop.
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Thank you for your support!


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Amy Fujimoto
Amy Fujimoto

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