11.75" x 19.25" P-47 Thunderbolt Matted Illustration Print

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The P-47 Thunderbolt was the heaviest single seat fighter of WWII serving in Europe and the Pacific Theater. Nicknamed the "Jug", it was one of the best fighter-bombers of the Pacific Campaign. Huge for a fighter, it was very fast and it had excellent high altitude performance. Heavily armored and rugged it could, if needed, out dive any fighter the Japanese Army or Navy had. Flown by the 5th Air Force in the South West Pacific, the Thunderbolts would often attack enemy airfields diving down from high altitude and climbing back before the Japanese had time to react. The 7th Air Force, originally based in Hawaii, received P-47s in 1944 moving to the Central Pacific flying from Saipan. These planes saw action mostly in the ground attack role. With the arrival of the P-47N, with a long-range of almost 2000 miles, the Thunderbolts flying from Okinawa could finally see some air-to-air action over Southern Japan. If used to its maximum potential, the P-47 could defeat any Japanese aircraft put in the air. Matted print of artist Doug Kinsley's aviation illustration. Measures 11.75" x 19.25".

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