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American POWs in World War II

by Harry Spiller

These accounts describe the battle and POW experiences of twelve American military men captured either by Germany or Japan during World War II.

Brutality, frostbite, disease, hunger, strenuous working conditions, and the jubilation of release are presented in the words of the soldiers, who describe such events as the Bataan Death March, the battle for Wake Island, D-Day, and the Battle of the Bulge and vividly portray the camps where they watched their comrades in arms suffer and perish.

Also included are photographs, maps, camp lists, and POW regulations.

Soft cover. 232 pages. Includes black and white archive photographs and maps.

Customer Reviews

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Alan Memess

Enjoyed the book I always like reading real history.
One of the cups was completely destroyed, sent you an email when received got no reply, not happy on this
Got no geek patch or black tears.
What I did get intact (book & 1 cup) proved to be quite expensive…………