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If you haven't owned an American flag before, it's difficult to know when is the appropriate time to gift a flag. You often see flags displayed prominently outside of homes or schools, but they're also commonly displayed indoors on shelves in a beautiful shadowbox (a triangular case for a folded flag).

Order an official flag flown at Pearl Harbor

Here are the top 8 appropriate times to gift a flag.

1. Holidays Honoring Troops Or America

There are plenty of holidays where we honor our troops. Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day are just a small handful. Events are held nationwide from parties to solemn celebrations and American flags are often seen displayed. Plus, soldiers, sailors, veterans and the like aren't the only ones who can receive a flag on these days - family members, parents, kids and even friends will make for appreciative flag recipients depending on the occasion.

Flag Day and Independence Day are also great times to gift a flag since we celebrate America's freedom and culture. Some days are more about fun and fireworks, but any American celebratory holiday requires some sort of flag decoration, right?

2. Birthday Celebrations

If you have a birthday coming up for someone who has a tie to the military or a federal occupation, an American flag would make for a fantastic gift - especially if it's a flown flag. Flags that have been raised at a place of importance add another dimension to the flag because of the added history and significance.

Most commonly, we get requests for birthday flags for the "big" birthdays: 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. It's our guess that each decade marks an era, just like how flown flags mark a certain time period. Does it make you feel younger? Not at all - but it makes for a unique gift!

3. Funerals Or Celebrations Of Life

 A popular request that we personally get for our flown flags from Pearl Harbor are for funerals or celebrations of life. Especially for those who have led a life of dedication to national service and sacrifice, flown flags are a heartfelt gift to be displayed at the ceremony or given to friends and family.

These events tend to be solemn occasions so consider displaying your flag in a shadowbox.

4. Anniversaries Of Historical Events

Here at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 is a very important date to us and those worldwide who have a connection to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Anniversaries of worldwide events have a huge impact on the people and nations worldwide. Choosing to gift a flag on a date close to your heart can be extremely emotional for both the giver and receiver, so take extra precaution when you plan the timing.

Large events are often held on these remembrance dates, so any flags being presented or are on display will lend that much more importance to the event itself. Not everyone is familiar with the process of flag folding or presentation, but everyone inherently understands how much of an honor it is to receive one.

5. Visiting Pearl Harbor (Or Other Important Places)

Since we're the official 501(c)(3) nonprofit for Pearl Harbor National Memorial, of course we have to mention getting a flag flown at Pearl Harbor when you visit! For most of the visitors to Pearl Harbor, visiting the museums and historic sites is a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Some are personally connected to Pearl Harbor and the experience is a profound one. Others begin with very little knowledge of how Pearl Harbor ties with history, but leave with a quiet contemplation.

Regardless of why you came or how you left Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 becomes a very important date to each visitor and a flag flown on the attack's anniversary is both a quality souvenir and gift from Hawaii.

Order an official flag flown at Pearl Harbor

6.Graduations For Military School

For those who have graduated from any kind of recruitment, training or military school, achieving your goal is a moment of success that deserves to be acknowledged. What better time to gift a flag than at graduation - when your next steps of life will be the beginning of your service and dedication to your country?

At these kinds of ceremonies, American flags really catch the eye. They look gorgeous and always match the professional quality that presents itself at any graduation. Graduating students can also gift a flag to their parents or loved ones

7. When A Flag Needs To Be Retired

Every so often, flags that have been out in the elements for too long or have been damaged over time need to be retired and replaced. This is common especially for flags that are hung outside the house or are folded and refolded on a daily basis.

If you notice someone's flag beginning to show its age, it's a good idea to gift a new flag so that the nation's flag doesn't look tattered and old.

8. Starting A New Job

Have you ever walked into someone's office and seen a flag on display? Folded flags displayed in a shadowbox look great on any shelf. There's a sense of personal pride to have one where you work and a sense of awe and respect for those who enter.

If you know someone who is starting a new job (especially if it's related to the government), a flag will make for a beautiful gift on their desk or shelf. Typically, when you start at a new job, your office is devoid of clutter and mess. It's a new start and a chance to wow their new co-workers.

Order an official flag flown at Pearl Harbor


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Matthew Hull
Matthew Hull

June 11, 2019

We unfortunately live in the day and age where in many places in America the flag is almost an aberration or something to be ashamed of, I say ANY DAY is a good day to gift a flag. I bought one for my neighbor whose father was a Pearl Harbor Vet and had recently passed. Never met the man but I just wanted to recognize his service.

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To the Backroom Guys and Gals

I had the flag flown over the Arizona on 2 September (the official VJ day) in memory of all the men and women who worked tirelessly to analyze, break and exploit the cypher machines of both Japan and Germany. Granted, they were not being shot at, but work on these machines was frustratingly difficult and at that time thankless-any breakthrough could not be revealed. Even when the machines were solved it was no easy task to find the proper settings and actually decode the enciphered data.

Family Treasure

My Great Uncle was Band master PO 1st Class Frederick Kinney. The entire experience was emotionally moving bringing up sadness and gratitude. My mother told us stories about the day, and how the whole family in eastern Kentucky huddled around the radio for news. It was afirm memory for her, since her uncle was killed on her birthday. When my wife found we could purchase a flag and have it flown over the memorial, we jumped at the opportunity. We are building a shadow box for the flag, the certificate, photo of Kinney, and miniatures of the medals PO 1st Class Kinney was awarded. If I could rate this with ten stars,bi would

Excellent Product. Excellent service. I donated this flag to The Star Transportation Dept in Terrell Texas. They are located across the street from where I work. They recently installed a new flag pole and I just felt compelled to give them a gift.


Amazing all the way around.

Perfect customer service too!

Thank you!

Simply beautiful !

Simply beautiful ! Makes me proud to have this Flag flown on the Arizona and be the owner of history.